What are people saying about working with Blair?

Corporate Wellness Events

“Thank you for sending Blair to speak to us. She did an excellent job and our employees learned so much. She gave us much to think about as we have so much to ‘re’think regarding nutrition.” -RB

Individual Nutrition Counseling

“I just wanted to tell you I was so impressed with your work, and I have so much confidence in your ability to help [my daughter] on her journey back to good health.  I probably wont be with her at the meetings, but I wanted you to know how thankful I am for your expertise.” -Client’s Mother

“I have had a great experience with Blair and highly recommend connecting with her…” -SC

“I appreciate everything you did last year to help me. I know that you helped save my life!” -Client


“I know you will provide solid content.”

Church Groups

“You did a great job. I liked the way that you presented the information in an easy to understand format…Your message was right on target with what our mission team believes. Your sincerity and easy going personality helped put the audience at ease as was evidenced by the number of questions you received at the end.” -AW

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