It’s not perfect…and I’m OK with that!


My first blog post! Wow…did it take FOREVER to publish this one or what?! I’ve spent more time than I care to admit pondering the many aspects of starting a blog: the layout, the color scheme, the first post, the title…this list goes on and on. I got caught up in appearance instead of what I actually wanted to express. I’d get up from the computer feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with how little I’d completed in such a long period of time.

I was feeling paralyzed by my pursuit of perfection. Have you ever felt this way?

This is a struggle for many people I know…our society tells us we need to eat “perfectly” (What does that even mean?) and achieve the perfect body (which is actually unachievable!). Perfection does not exist, so the pursuit of perfection in any area tends to leave us feeling confused, ashamed, and paralyzed just as I’ve been feeling today. It’s time for me to take my own advice, and let go of the idea of perfection.

As it turns out, perfection is pretty boring. Being real and authentic is not. When we strive for progress rather than perfection, we can savor each moment and freely be ourselves (because that is what’s be-YOU-tiful!). We can focus on fueling our bodies in a way that helps us feel well. We can refocus our attention to living life for something that will outlast it rather than obsessing over external appearance and others’ opinions which won’t really matter long-term.

I have so many thoughts, recipes, and awesome information related to nutrition, health, and overall wellbeing overflowing from my mind and heart that I could not wait any longer to begin sharing it. So welcome to my blog! I know it doesn’t have the most incredible formatting, color scheme, photos or design at the moment. I know it’s not perfect…and I’m OK with that!

Will you join me in learning to savor every moment, to be-YOU-tiful, to fuel well & feel well so that you, too, can be free to live your life for something that will outlast it? If so, follow me…Blair Mize, RD!

2 thoughts on “It’s not perfect…and I’m OK with that!

  1. I had the same time experience starting my blog. I couldn’t think of a name for nearly 2 years! I wanted a perfect name to capture all of what I wanted to write about. But that was hard to find. I was so tired of not having my blog up and running that I just went with
    You’re right. Give up perfection. It’s boring. It’s hard to keep it up and most importantly you can’t learn from being perfect. Looking forward to following your blog. – Julie


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